Our policy

+WESO – added casting value

WESO Aurorahütte specialises in high-quality cast iron products for the world market. As a member of the successful Serafin Group we rely on continuous improvement and process efficiency. Consequently, we heavily invest in human resources and technology. Producing 30,000 tons of castings in a facility of more than 20,000m² of floorspace and with a workforce of more than 400, we are one of the leading foundries in Europe.

Our customers

Regarding ourselves as system partners with our customers, we support them all the way from product design to the delivery of turnkey assemblies. We constantly search for efficient processes, producing precisely dimensioned castings to ensure the best possible product quality. These competences make us a reliable partner for companies from the fields of heating and railway technology, agricultural machinery, engine transmission, and refrigeration engineering, and the construction of pumps and fittings.

Our employees

We are aware of the value of our employees, for a well-trained, experienced, and motivated workforce forms the foundation of our success. Consequently, we trust our employees and communicate frankly with them, offering useful opportunities of personal and professional development through individualised in-service training. For years now, we have been one of the top companies training young people, advancing them through StudiumPlus programmes.

Our suppliers

We collaborate closely with our suppliers in a spirit of partnership, aiming at success for both parties. Together we work to constantly improve all processes and their respective interfaces, aiming for top quality at competitive prices.

Our responsibility

We acknowledge our economic, ecological, and social responsibility. This is why we do our best to save energy and protect the environment, for example, using material sustainably and disposing of it properly. As employers, we offer a safe and appealing working environment to many people in our region. We actively support social projects, especially among young people.

Security Policy

WESO manufactures cast products according to customer specifications. We comply fully with international standards along our state of the art product development chain. WESO thus contributes actively to the safe operation of the manufactured products during their entire life cycle.

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