Training – investment in the future

WESO offers training in many technical and commercial occupations. After that, we attach great importance to regular in-service training for our employees, for success at work is based on sound training.

Training at WESO requires communication and teamwork capability, commitment, flexibility, and creativity! For commercial occupations, we require satisfactory A-levels and for technical jobs a secondary school certificate.

Moreover, we offer StudiumPlus, a variety of attractive opportunities of combining university studies and practical work.

WESO’s training occupations:

    • Industrial clerk (m/f)
    • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f)
    • Technical product designer (m/f)
    • Foundry mechanic (m/f)
    • Industrial mechanic (m/f)
    • Technical pattern-maker(m/f)
    • Milling operator (m/f)
    • Electronics engineer (m/f)
    • Machine and system operator (m/f)

Please send your application to

WESO Aurorahütte GmbH
Aurorahütte 1
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Vacant jobs

There are no vacant jobs at the moment but we are happy to receive your initiative application.

Information about Training occupations

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Wolfgang Hoffmann

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